Custom design

The first step in working with VNTE is to build a unique template, with your own design, and all the modules you need. Read more

Emails and SMS

VNTE helps you stay in constant contact with your audience by managing your mailing lists and delivering automated messages. Read more

Smart Dashboard

VNTE aims to help you make smarter decisions, and to do that, we provide you with all the information you need in the most simple and accessible way possible. Read more

Event day interface

The system provides you with a unique interface to manage participants on the day of the event, including last-minute sign-ups and easy markup for the incoming audience.

Summary page

After the event, the registration page becomes an event 'summary page', allowing the audience to leave their comments and impressions of the event, ask questions, download the presentations, and sign up for future updates.

External integration

The friendliness of the system is not only for users, but also for other systems.
You can synchronize VNTE with any external CRM system, receive sign-ups from external pages, and even synchronize it with the tag issuing system on the day of the event.


Your success is our success, and it is important for us to help you manage the perfect event. Read about our support channels

Custom design

Set the colors and fonts, add images, change the order of the content, and give your participants the best registration experience by adding/subtracting modules according to the needs of each event.

Among the selection of modules you can use, you can find: General content, Event description, Speakers description, Time and date, Maps and navigation, Sponsors, Contact information, External links, and more...
And of course, a simple and easy Registration module, with custom input fields.

Once your template is ready, opening a new event becomes simple and quick. Just add the needed information, and voila, you have a well-designed, high-quality registration page that will give your event a professional look, and boost the number of signups.

Emails and SMS


Once you publish a new event, an automatic announcement will be sent to your mailing list with all the relevant information and a link to the registration page. Your mailing list is made up of all the people who've signed up for your past events, so the number of people in your list will only grow over time.


After each new sign up, the participant receives a registration confirmation, with the option to add the event to their calendar, and full details about the event location and live links to Waze and Google Maps.


A day or two before the event, an automatic RSVP request is sent to everyone who signed up, which serves as a small reminder, and helps you to better prepare for the event.

Non-automated messages

If you want to send more messages - news, updates, or just to say 'Thank you' after the event - no problem. The system allows you to easily enter any content you want, decide who your target audience is, and send.
Yes, it's that simple.


Each email/SMS starts with a personalized greeting with the registrant's name, to give a warmer feeling and to increase engagement in the event.

Smart Dashboard

Visitor analytics: How many have arrived at your registration page (Unique/Returning), from which source they came from, how long they stayed, and what they did there.

Sign ups information: Who signed up to your event, and when, in which of your events he already attended, and what information he used to sign up

Email/SMS statistics: How many were sent, how many were opened, how many confirmed/declined their RSVP, how many responded, a full error report, and more.


With the amounts of data we're collecting, the system can predict quite well how many more signups you will have until the event, and how many of them are actually going to be at the event.
This is especially relevant to events where entry is free, and not everyone who registered actually intends to arrive.

Among the information we take into account is the time of registration, the source, the activity history of the participant, the type and time of the event itself, and even the weather on the day of the event.


Support channels:

Mail Support:
Available 24/7, average response time of about 4 hours.

Chat Online:
Available on WhatsApp/ Facebook Messenger, during standard operating hours.
You will usually get an immediate response.

By appointment only.
For new users, you may wish to schedule a video-chat, where we can also use screen sharing that allow us to explain the system in a better way.

Frontal support:
By appointment only. May incur additional charges.

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